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Advice on optimal management of portfolios of trademarks, patents and intangibles in general in order to maintain the strength of trademarks and intangibles with the benefits this brings:

–Higher financial returns on licences
–Robust defence against attacks by competitors
–Avoidance of copying or leaks of important information
–Winning of damages in cases of breach of trademark, patent, copyright, image rights, etc.

Trademarks, designs and patents
Unfair competition
Image rights
Litigation concerning intellectual property, unfair competition law, advertising, image rights and infringement of intangibles in general
Licensing of intangibles; know-how and technology transfer; confidentiality; distribution and franchises
Copyright agreements
Technology law
Registration of intellectual property rights
Trade secrets
Confidentiality protocols
Due diligence.


Courts fine famous BudaBar 370,000 euros.
The Community Trademark Court imposes its highest penalty for copying a French logo in bad faith. The premises must close or change their name. Expansión 28 May 2009.

Courts protect “Buddah” trademark again.
Bar in Mallorca ordered not to use sign and to pay 15,887·84 €. Expansión 6 February 2009.

BCN restaurant must pay 413,000 euros for illegal use of trademark.
A court in Alicante has ordered the company running the Buda restaurant on Pau Claris to pay 413,000 euros in damages for illegal use of the trademark. El Periódico 15 February 2010.

Courts protect “Buddah” trademark again.
A Barcelona restaurant must pay 413,000 euros and cease in its illegal use of the trademark. Expansión 12 March 2010.

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